DSTV Smart LNB Installations


Leading DSTV Smart LNB Installers at your service. If you are looking for expert LNB Installers in your area you have come to the right place.

The DSTV smart LNB has been specifically  designed and manufactured for DSTV to meet the growing needs of non commercial installations. Multichoice recommends the DSTV Smart LNB for all DSTV Explora and extra view installations. Get in touch with our listed DSTV Installers now and will install your DSTV Smart LNB. 

Overview of Smart LNB.

All DSTV satellite make use of an LNB (Low-noise block down converters). The LNB is the receiving arm that you see mounted on your satellite dish. It collects radio waves from the dish and converts it into a signal which your decoder understands. There are different types of LNB ranging from Single LNB ( Used with single view decoders ) to quad LNB and UNI cable LNB. The smart LNB was made specifically for DSTV explora and most extra view.

Benefits of DSTV Smart LNB:

  1. Smart LNB has been specially designed for use in DSTV installations where customers make use of their own satellite dishes
  2. The DSTV Smart LNB has been tested locally with DSTV decoders and other DSTV approved equipment used in installations.
  3. The DSTV Smart LNB allows for a simplified and more cost effective installation.
  4. Multiple decoders can be connected to the DStTV Smart LNB without the need for a multi-switch/ DSTV Switch (resulting in a cost saving).

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