DSTV Signal Problems

Need help fixing your DSTv signal problems?

DSTV Signal Problems

Loss of DSTV signal is something that is inevitable and occurs regularly. Since it is something that is constant, we have provided you with solutions on how to rectify the DSTV signal problems.

DSTV Signal Problem Symptoms

In most cases pixelated pictures or a “No Signal” message blocks the screen from time to time. If this message pops up it means you have a DSTV Signal problem.

Common Causes of DSTV Signal Problems

1. Fault with Antenna

  • UHF aerial is incorrectly arranged or disturbed.
  • Satellite dish is inappropriately leveled or hindered.
  • Corrosion in parts of the antenna due to constant exposure to different weather conditions cause DSTV signal problems.
  • Certain weather conditions cause DSTV Signal problems for instance rain or heavy winds

2. Cabling/Connections

  • Loose Connections from the antenna/cables to the TV.

3. Product fault/misuse

  • Your Product firmware might need to be updated.You may wish to contact the manufacturer.

What to do if you see a “No signal” on one or more channels

1. Set the TV to the correct Source or Input

First check that your TV is set to the correct source or input. Rectifying this problem is simple, try changing the source or input to AV, TV, DIgital TV or DSTV.

2. Antenna fault

If the connection fault is not due to the AV codes, it is probably caused by a set up antenna fault.

3. Network Status

One crucial factor which all DSTV users should take note of is there is an essential maintenance carried out on the network from time to time. When these checks are carried out it might cause a temporary signal problem. These maintenance are usually scheduled between midnight and 6am to avoid disruption to your viewing.

Fixing you antenna problems

NB.It is also important to note that  if you have regular Signal problems your Antenna system should be checked.

5 easy steps to fix your Antenna problems

Step 1-  Switch off your device at the wall

Step 2– Disconnect cables at the back of the TV or box and reconnect making sure .that the cables are all properly connected.

Step 3- Wait a little for any overheated devices to cool down

Step 4- Power on your TV and receiver.

Step 5- Retune your device. You will find tuning instructions in your device manual;

If these steps don’t rectify the DSTV signal problem, we advise you to check out our blog post on how to troubleshoot signal problems with your DStv and what to do or simply contact our listed accredited DSTV Installation service provider.

Need help fixing your DSTv signal problems?