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There’s nothing more annoying than switching on your television and your DSTV refuses to work. It’s a horrible feeling when the screen goes black and that small little box pops up telling you “SIGNAL NOT FOUND”.

The DStv signal not found error can be caused by a variety of issues. Step one to avoid this error, is using an accredited DStv installer. We can connect you with a qualified DStv installer in the Western Cape and Gauteng.

When Your DStv Decoder Loses Signal

By using the services of an accredited DStv installer, your decoder will be tuned into the correct DStv frequency. This will minimize the times that you will experience the DStv signal not found error.

DSTV Signal Problems

DSTV Problems, DSTV Installations, DSTV Installation

The other technical element that could cause the DStv signal not found error, is an incorrect dish. You should be using an 80cm satellite dish to ensure the best reception. By making use of our accredited local DStv installers, you can avoid this issue. Together with the size of the satellite dish, you must also make sure that it is aligned properly. Other external problems that can cause the DStv signal not found error include heavy storms in your area as well as technical issues on the DStv system.

DStv signal strength varies from area to area. If you are living in a rural area, you might experience signal issues more frequently. It is advisable to consider investing in a DStv signal booster to minimize the problem. Our accredited local DStv installers can assess your signal strength to determine whether a booster will solve the signal loss problem. The good news is that you can still watch DStv Catch Up or ShowMax even when you lose signal due to a heavy storm.

What to Do When Your DStv Decoder Loses Signal

The signal quality is a signal to noise ratio. If you are experiencing bad signal quality, it could be due to a faulty angle adjustment of the LNB. Bad weather will especially influence your signal reception.

The low-noise block downconverter (LNB) is the receiving device that is fitted on your satellite dish. It collects radio waves from the DStv dish and converts the waves into a signal that is carried through the cable to a receiver on the decoder. If the DStv signal not found error occurs, there are a few basics steps you can follow to determine where the problem originates from.

Step 1: Check all the manual connections

Sometimes a cable can become dislodged after a cleaning spree, or someone maybe accidentally bumped the decoder.

Step 2: Is it due to bad weather in your area?

This could be a temporary problem. Visit downdetector.co.za to check if anyone else is experiencing issues in your area.

Bad Weather

DSTV Signal Problems, DSTV Installation, DSTV Installations


Step 3: Restart the decoder

If there is no bad weather present and you’ve checked all the cables, restart the decoder to reconnect to the DStv system. Switch the decoder off, pull out the card, wait for a few seconds before reinserting the card and switching the decoder on again.

If the error occurs regularly, we would advise that you adjust the satellite dish. It is best to make use of the services of a certified DStv installer, rather than attempting this yourself.

DStv No Signal on Some Channels

When the DStv signal not found error only occurs on some of the channels, this is due to the way the channels are broadcasted. Some channels are on a lower signal spectrum and the signal strength is not strong enough.

This error will occur if your dish is not properly aligned. Or the LNB cable is possibly faulty or not connected correctly. Also, make sure which services you have activated on your DStv account.

DStv No Signal E48-32

This error will appear because of a technical fault, such as a damaged LNB cable. Or it could be due to a cable that is not connected properly. The dish alignment can cause this as well. If you have checked all the manual connections and the error persists, contact a certified DStv installer to investigate the problem.

DStv No Signal on Tuner 1/Tuner 2

The DStv signal not found error will most likely be caused by a faulty LNB cable. You can pinpoint the problem by switching the cables around and checking if the error persists. It could also be due to wear and tear on the cable. Check that the cable isn’t damaged anywhere, causing a short at the conductor.

DStv No Signal Due to Bad Weather

Your DStv dish captures the signals sent from a satellite orbiting in space. So even though there’s not bad weather directly in your area, the signal can still be affected. If the DStv signal not found error pops up and tells you its due to bad weather, there’s not much you can do about it.

It can occur due to a storm or even strong winds in your area. Strong winds can also have a long-term effect on your dish, even a little disturbance can influence the signal strength. The DStv signal not found error can pop up due to bad weather in your area, as well as storms elsewhere.

Local DStv Installer Can Help You Deal with The DStv Signal Not Found Error

If you have checked all the possible manual causes and the error persists, don’t despair. Our accredited DStv installers are ready to assist you. A quick phone call or email and you will be back to watching your favourite television shows in no time.

Contact us now to get in touch with one of our accredited DStv installers.

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