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System as A Body Corporate

DStv has created an innovative system to make life in a complex easier. The Communal Distribution Fibre System (CFDS) takes care of unsightly dishes and cable tangles on building exteriors. And it creates a better viewing experience while improving the look of the complex.

Communal Distribution Fibre System

The communal distribution system can tap into existing broadband fibre networks, transforming one satellite dish into a signal distributer for up to 256 homes in a complex, estate or apartment block.

Using fibre ensures less signal degradation, the signal loss is much less in optical fibre than copper wire. Also, the distribution across the fibre wires offer close to unlimited bandwidth, and it’s perfect for long cable runs. It has been approved officially by MultiChoice.

The Benefits for Property Developers

The new Communal Distribution System is a great win-win for both developers and DStv customers.

It’s a cheaper system as well as more convenient. By incorporating this new system into newly built complexes or estates, value is added to the property.

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MultiChoice subsidises the once-off installation of the infrastructure in a new complex, estate or apartment block. This way a property developer can offer a great value-add for the property owner.

Also, if the system is installed while the property is being constructed, the home owners are not inconvenienced. A seamless integration is ensured with all the infrastructures. A local accredited DSTV and multichoice service technician must be assigned to assist with
maintenance of the communal distribution system. Not only will it be a value-added service offered to home owners, it will also improve the look of the property. The single communal distribution dish can be installed in a discreet location.

Save Money

MultiChoice created a budget for upgrading existing single cable systems to the new communal distribution system. The cost of switching can be distributed across the trustees of a property to lower cost even further.

A Single Point of Call

The communal distribution satellite dish and LNB will be set up by a designated local accredited DSTV and multichoice service technician. This way, the property manager knows exactly who to call should issues arise. This also increases the safety of the property, with only one DStv technician entering the property, instead of multiple contractors for each property.

Easy Maintenance

A DStv communal distribution system is operated from a central server room. So maintenance and control of the system is achieved with ease.

The Benefits for DStv Customers

The biggest benefit for DStv customers, is the increased signal speed achieved with a broadband fibre internet network. By using one central dish for the property, fewer cables are needed, keeping the outside of a property looking neat.

DSTV Triple View

Fibre-optic cables are about 30 times thinner than coaxial cables, taking up less ducting space. Using the fibre for the communal distribution system is compatible with existing DStv HD and Explorer decoders. Only two little extra wall-mounted boxes are needed to connect to the new system.

Once the connections are in place, the decoder settings will update automatically. This is definitely the most efficient and reliable way to get the most out of a DStv package. A DStv Explorer connected to the internet will offer the DStv customer access to all the connected options. These include DStv Catch Up Plus, remote recordings, and ShowMax.
Another great benefit of the communal distribution system is that there is a specific designated local accredited DStv service technician to deal with any problems. With one person put in charge of the system, they can stay on top of any issues that may arise.

Let Local DStv Installer Help Set Up Your Communal Distribution Fibre

We can assist you with assigning a local accredited DStv service technician to oversee the switchover to this new system. Not only is this communal system a great addition to a complex or estate, it is also suitable for hotels. Instead of dealing with multiple subscriptions, simply install 16 decoders which can be synced to provide between 16 to 18 channels to up to 500 rooms. We are the leading and most trusted satellite installation directory in South Africa. From home installations, to corporate and office installations – our accredited DSTV and multichoice service technicians will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Need help installing a complex DSTV/Satellite TV,