DSTV Self Service- How to change Aspect Ratio_

How to change Aspect Ratio

Not seeing the bigger picture? Or perhaps your screen looks stretched. Maybe you prefer to watch without those black bars. It’s super easy to set your DStv decoder to your specific viewing preferences.

If you have an older model decoder

Step 1- press the menu button on your remote.

Step 2- Select the advanced options,

Step 3- Then television installation.

Step 4- Enter 9949 and select the aspect ratio that’s right for you.

On our HD PVR

Step 1- Press the shift and TV guide button.

Step 2- Keep pressing them until you find the setting that you prefer.

DSTV Self Service- How to change Aspect Ratio

For the DStv Explora decoder, and the DStv HD decoder

Step 1- Press the ARC button once to display the current aspect ratio setting.

Step 2- Then keep pressing to cycle through the various options.

Remember to make sure that your wide screen television isn’t set to automatically adjust your picture, as this will conflict with your decoder setting.

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