Wanna Know, What’s On DStv_

Wanna Know, What’s On DStv

Do you want to know the best shows showing on DSTV ? There are loads of ways to find the info you need.

Option 1- First, hit “i” on any channel to see what’s showing now and scroll down to see what’s heading your way.
Option 2- Or press the TV guide button to check out the 8-day schedules across all your DStv channels.
While you’re on this screen, remember you can also quickly and easily set reminders, or schedule recording so that you never miss an episode of your favourite shows.

For programming info at your finger tips, check out the online TV guide on dstv.com. Or download the DStv Now app to access the schedule on your smart device.

There’s a world of information out there. So go and explore with DStv!

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