DSTV Self Service- How to connect your dstv explora to the internet using an ethernet cable

HOW TO connect your DStv Explora to the internet using an Ethernet cable

If your decoder is in the same room as your router, the easiest way to connect it, is to use an ethernet cable. Follow the easy steps below and get connected to the internet.

Step 1- Plug the ethernet cable into the green ethernet port on the back of your decoder.

Step 2- Plug the other side of the ethernet cable into an ethernet port on your router.

Step 3- Use the connectivity checker to make sure that you a connection has been established with the internet.

Step 4- Press Help, select Tools, select Connectivity Checker and press OK.

Step 5- You will need to switch on your connected services. The default setting for all connected services is off. You will need to manually select which of the services you want enabled.

To do this, simply press the blue DStv button on your remote. Select settings, select User Preferences, select Connected Services. And then choose which services you want on, and which you want off.

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That’s it, you’re connected and rearing to go! Visit dstv.com/GetConnected for more information.

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