Openview vs DSTV

Openview vs DSTV – Which Is Better For You?

Are you trying to decide which satellite TV provider you should choose and what are the benefits of each? We are going to break each one down as much as possible including the content and channels you get with each and the price and cost involved.

Openview offers a free satellite TV service, all you have to do is buy the decoder and install a dish system and you get access to all the e-TV channels, while DSTV offers a number of DSTV packages, but for the purpose of this comparison we are going to compare the cheapest option, the DSTV Easyview option to Openview HD.

DSTV’s Easyview option costs R29 per month and you get 37 channels.

The easiest way to compare the two is in a table:

DescriptionOpenviewDSTV Easyview
Monthly PriceFreeR29
Decoder PriceR1399 ( HD Decoder with satellite dish installation )
R599 ( HD Decoder only )
R599 ( HD Decoder )
Installation CostContact an installerR649 with Installation voucher from GAME
Contact an installer
Television Channels
Entertainment & Lifestyle ChannelsSABC 1SABC 1
eExtrae.TV Extra
eMoviesSoweto TV
eMovies ExtraBay TV
eReality1 KZN
eRewindTshwane TV
eForceCape Town TV
Glow TVGauTV
Star LifeLesotho TV
TNT Africa
Real Time
SABC Encore
e.TV Extra
Children & EducationeToonzeToonz
Day Star
iTV Networks
Emmanuel TV
SportNews & SportSuperSport Blitz
Fight Sports
News, Commerce, Specialised Channelse.TV NewsSABC News
BBC World NewsNewzroom Africa
Al Jazeera
Parliamentary service
CNBC Africa
Business Day TV
People’s Weather

So if we compare the two just in the numbers then we get:

Openview vs DSTV Decoder
Openview HD Decoder
Openview vs DSTV Decoder
DSTV HD Decoder
DescriptionOpenviewDSTV Easyview
Monthly CostFreeR29
Decoder CostR1 399 ( HD Decoder with satellite dish)
R499 ( HD Decoder only, excludes dish and installation )
R599 ( HD Decoder )
Installation CostDecoder and Dish comes with installation voucherR649 with Installation voucher from GAME

So if you are looking for more channels then you should choose DSTV Easyview

However it is not as simple as that. We think it is important to know what kind of TV you like to watch before you decide.

If you like watching movies then Openview has more dedicate movie channels such as eMovies and Movies Extra.

If you like sport it is a bit tricker. If you enjoy all different kinds of sport then DSTV’s Supersport Blitz is a great option for highlights and news. If you mainly just love soccer then Openview HD might be a better bet for you.

Openview recently announced that they it had acquired the broadcast rights for the English Premier League.

This allows the free satellite TV service provider to broadcast Premier League matches live on its News & Sports channel.

Openview plans to broadcast one live match every week, which will usually include one of the top six Premier League clubs – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, or Tottenham Hotspur. Please check with Openview to see if this is still the case when purchasing your Openview Decoder.

If you like faith based TV channels then DSTV is definitely your best option with their 5 religious channels.

Finally lets compare the costs involved. Openview HD offers a free monthly service but the decoder and installation cost is R1 399 for an HD Decoder, where DSTV’s decoder only costs R 599 for an HD Decoder.

So if you already have a satellite dish then the DSTV decoder is R 800 cheaper. This means that even though DSTV has a monthly cost of only R29 per month it will take 27 months ( i.e 2 years and three months ) before the cost of DSTV Easyview is the same as the Openview decoder cost.

For this reason we think that DSTV Easyview is cheaper than Openview HD.

Update: Openview now offers a HD decoder for only R499 that will work with your existing functioning satellite dish. This means that using this option Openview becomes the better and cheaper option. But if you already have a DSTV Easyview contract and decoder we would stick with that rather than changing.

Where can I buy Openview HD?

Read our post here for more Openview information.

Where can you buy Openview

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