How To Activate Your QR Code Reader On Your iPhone

It is very easy to activate your QR code scanner on your iPhone. You can add it to your control centre from your settings.

Activate QR Code Reader iPhone
  1. Go to your settings app on your home screen.
  2. Scroll down and find the control centre option.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Click on customise controls

5. Make sure “QR Code Reader” is in your include list. If not then scroll down find “QR Code Reader” and hit the green plus icon.

6. Exit the settings app.

7. Pull down the control centre from the top right hand corner of your iPhone.

8. Find the QR Code Reader Icon. Tap it. 

Activate QR Code Reader iPhone
Activate QR Code Reader iPhone

9. With your QR Code Reader open lift it up and find the QR code you are trying to scan in your screen.

10. The QR code reader will pick it up and automatically direct you to the appropriate link.

11. For DSTV customers you will be greeted by a screen asking you to inset your ID/Customer/Smartcard Number

12. Enter your number and follow the prompts to pay.

Pay DSTV QR Code 2
Pay DSTV QR Code 3

For other ways to Pay DSTV read our post here. Click Here.

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