DSTV Self Service-Get the best picture from your tv

Get the best picture from your TV

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not getting the full picture from your tv? Or that your soccer ball is looking more like a rugby ball?

Depending on the DStv channel or program that you are watching, you may want to change the aspect ratio setting on your decoder, so that you are getting the best display possible. It’s really easy to do.

If you have a newer decoder

Step 1- Press the shift and TV Guide buttons on your remote to access the ARC or Aspect Ratio Settings.

Setp 2- Then select the one that works best for you.

If you have an older decoder

Step1- Press the Menu button,

Step 2- Select Advanced Options, followed by TV Installations.

Step 3- Select TV Installations for TV 1

Step 4- Select the Aspect Ratio and mode viewing setting of your choice.

If you have a wide screen television just make sure that it is not set to automatically adjust the picture as this will clash with your decoder settings.

Enjoy your viewing. DStv – so much more for you.



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