Netflix How To | Getting Started On Your PS3

The Netflix app is available on various different devices. To see a list of the devices compatible with the streaming service, click here.

Before you can use Netflix on the PlayStation 3, you need to download the app. On the PlayStation cross media bar, go over to the TV and Video Services tab and press “x” to download the app.

Log into your Netflix account to begin using the app. The first thing you’ll see is “Select your Netflix experience” to choose between the normal Netflix experience, or the Just for Kids section. To select, click “x” on your control. You’ll notice the rows with TV shows and movie options. You can go up and down, or left and right to select a title to watch. When you find something you like and you pause on it, all the information about it will appear on the right.

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Netflix How To Getting Started On Your PS3

To learn more about the title and to play it, hit select again. For series, the second menu allows you to select a specific season or episode to watch. You can also select specific audio and subtitles from this menu. To watch, press “x” on your remote. If you want to rate the title, go back to the main menu, select rate and add the stars or thumbs up/thumbs down.

Another great feature of Netflix on PlayStation, is that the search option is always available. Press the triangle button on your controller, and the search experience pops up. As you begin typing, the search results begin loading on the right.

Click on the search result to get more information about the series or movie. The menu with more information and play options will appear. When you want to go back to the browse experience, press the circle button on your remote to go back to the home screen.

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