Netflix How To | Watch Netflix on your Phone or Tablet

Netflix stepped onto the scene in 1997, and forever changed the way viewers would interact with entertainment, both TV shows and movies. In 2010 the company joined the online video streaming revolution. And currently one-third of all the internet traffic goes to Netflix. If you haven’t yet joined the revolution, go to to sign up. Click here to read more about getting a free Netflix trial.

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It’s easy to watch Netflix on a variety of mobile devices, like tablets and SmartPhones. You can make sure that your device is compatible with Netflix. Once you have registered your account, go to the app store on your SmartPhone or tablet and download the Netflix app.

Simply log in with your Netflix username and password and start watching anything you like, whenever and wherever you want. And if you start a Netflix show or movie on your TV, you can easily continue watching it on your mobile device or on your laptop at

The Netflix iPhone Experience

The Netflix iPhone experience has been enhanced even more. First thing you’ll notice, is how many more categories of movies and TV shows there are on the home screen. At the top you’ll see the Continue Watching row, which shows all of the movies and shows you’ve recently watched. By tapping on the title you’re interested in, you can resume watching where you left off.

For the other titles, anywhere in the app, simply tap on any one of them to get more information. You’ll see the synopsis, actors, and all the episodes available to play. If you just want to play the title directly, double tap on it, and play begins immediately.

Netflix How To Watch Netflix on your Phone or Tablet

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In addition to all the personalised lists on the home screen, you can go to the browse menu and see even more movies and TV shows, organised by genre. For parents, tap on the Children & Family genre and you’ll see a whole gallery of children and family movies and TV shows, organised by age group. So it’s really easy to find something appropriate for your kids to watch when you’re out and about.

Search is available everywhere in the application. By tapping the search button, located at the top right, you can begin typing for anything you’re interested in finding. Results will appear as you are typing. Tap on it for more information or play it directly by tapping on the image.

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