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Although Netflix is mainly a live video streaming service, they have heard the lamentations of the people and you can now download some of the content to watch offline. This is a great option if you have limited access to uncapped WiFi. Or if you are planning a trip to a location where you know the signal will be either weak or completely missing in action.

Now you can plan your Netflix binging sessions with downloaded episodes of your favourite series, if available for download, or stock up on a few movies for a weekend in a remote area.

How to Download Netflix Content

To use the download function of the Netflix service, you have to first download the Netflix app for your device. The download function is not available when using an internet browser to view Netflix content.

Step 1: open the Netflix app on your device. Access the menu in the top left corner or look for “Downloads” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: click on “Available for Download.”

A list of all the shows and movies available for download appears here. You can also use the search function to sift through the content if you are looking for something in particular. If a show or movie is available for download, a down-facing arrow will appear next to the episode or after the description of the movie. If there is no arrow, it’s not available for download.

Step 3: choose the program you want to download and tap on the arrow to start downloading. You will need an active internet connection for the duration of the download.

How to Download Netflix Content

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How to View Downloaded Netflix Content

Once your download is complete, it will be stored on your device. Please note, the offline download is only available on the device you downloaded it on. You can then access the downloaded Netflix shows and movies without being connected to the internet.

From the menu at the top right, click on “My downloads”. Or click on “Downloads” at the bottom of your screen. The Netflix content that you have downloaded will appear here. On your smartphone a blue icon will appear next to the downloaded content. You can access the episode or movie the same way as online Netflix content.

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