DSTV Error Code E48-32

How to Solve Error E48-32

One of the most common DSTV error codes users experience is the E48-32 along with a message that says, “There is no signal due to bad weather, faulty wiring, or wrong installation.” If this has happened to you one or two times, the struggle of figuring out how to fix it can be very frustrating especially if it is something you personally cannot do on your own.

This error usually comes from the DSTV decoder models 4S, 4U, 5S, 5U, and Explora 1, 2, and 3. If you still own a HD PVR 2P and 4P, the message will say, “searching for footprint” and for those who still own 1110, 1131, and 1132 models the message will say “Searching for signal.”

If this problem persists you will need to call your local DSTV installer to come and look at the problem and test your system and maybe realign your dish.



What is Causing the problem?

Normally, this error would only be temporary if a rainstorm causes it, but it can also cause permanent damage if your dish is not installed properly with faulty or obstructed wiring.

  • Rain Fade – This causes the user’s signal to get lost because of a strong rain shower amid your dish and the satellite in the DSTV transmitting dish at the broadcast company. If this is the culprit, there is nothing much you can do about the problem except to make sure that your dish is seamlessly corrected by a licensed technician and a signal strength meter. The other option would be to have a bigger dish installed, so that the dish can provide a sturdier signal and overcome the signal loss during smaller storms.
  • Obstruction – This is caused by balconies, trees, or overhanging roofs. To fix this problem, you can cut down some branches on the trees or move the dish to a better location where it cannot be obstructed. There are special dish brackets available for purchase, which you can avail and mount on another part of your house over your roof so that it is above the trees.

Other Faulty Satellite Dish Installation Possibilities

  • Low Noise Block (LNB) – a faulty LNB is quite common especially after a rainstorm because it is sensitive to electronic items. If you do not know what this is, it is the “eye” on the end your dish’s metal arm. If the skew angle on your LNB is incorrect, it could cause a high bit error rate (BER) and lower the quality of your signal. This is also a result of non-licensed technicians who use cheap signal satellite finders that do not have the capability to measure BER.
  • In some cases, if your dish is not mounted properly, bumped, or misaligned, it can also cause signal issues. This is why having a licensed installer is important, so as not to cause issues.
  • Water could also be an issue, especially if it gets into the cables. If you see that it has nothing to do water, it could also be due to poor workmanship where the F-connector on the cable has not been waterproofed at the Low Noise Block. The water could have entered the LNB, which can happen if the plastic cover found on the front is too old and ends up cracking in the sun.
  • Check if your inline cables are faulty. If they are exposed to moisture especially since they are outside it can cause your signal to weaken. Ideally, your cables should have no joints. Should the need arise for joints; these should be placed inside your house not outside.
  • Loose F connectors that loosen from the cable can also cause signal loss. When a decoder has been connected and disconnected one too many times, it can cause your signal to weaken. At times, this can also be caused by accidentally pulling out the cable out of its connector while cleaning behind the TV.
DSTV Error Codes 1

DSTV Error Code Meanings and Solutions

If you are a DSTV user, then you probably know how it feels to encounter an error code pop up on your TV screen. When these codes interrupt you in the middle of your movie night, it could leave everyone in the room flustered especially if no one knows how to fix it. While you know that your subscription is still active, experiencing at least one of these error codes could still be a hand full.

Luckily, there is usually a quick fix to solving the issue which we break down below.

Error 16-4

The service is currently scrambled because your Multichoice account is un-paid.

Read our full post on E16 error here.

How to fix:

Settle the amount due, and call the Multichoice number at 012 422 2222 to get rid of the error. If there is no response on the hotline, you can clear the error yourself by dialing *120*68584# and following the instructions on your smartphone screen.

Error 18

Your decoder is going through the process of activation

How to fix:

If this error lasts for more than a few hours, you may call the Multichoice number at 012 422 2222 to reset your decoder.

Error 19

Your decoder has been disconnected for too long from your TV.

How to fix:

To reactivate your decoder, you may call the Multichoice number at 012 422 2222, or if you do not want to call the hotline, you can fix the error yourself by dialing *120*68584# and follow the instructions on your smartphone display.

Error 30

Your subscription status is being validated.

How to fix:

Call the Multichoice number at 012 422 2222 to validate your subscription. If you do not want to call the number, you can fix the error yourself by dialing *120*68584# and follow the instructions on your smartphone display.

Error 107

Your Smartcard is not paired with your DSTV decoder.

How to fix:

To link your smartcard to the decoder, you can call the Multichoice number at 012 422 2222. If you do not want to call the number, you can fix the error yourself by dialing *120*68584# and follow the instructions on your smartphone display.

DSTV Error Codes 2

Error 143-4

The secondary DSTV decoder could not receive the heartbeat.

How to fix:

Call the one of our local DSTV installers to visit your home and check the connectivity of the heartbeat cable on your TV.

Error 50

A selected bouquet of empty channels was selected.

How to fix:

Make sure that you select the correct bouquet from the menu. To do this, press the TV button on your DSTV remote. If you do not want to do it yourself, you can call the Multichoice number at 012 422 2222 to reset.

Error 45

There’s a restriction that prohibits the user to watch these services selected.

How to fix:

The service network is locked because of an incompatible conditional access, which therefore prevents the user from viewing. This can be fixed by calling the Multichoice number at 012 422 2222 to reset.

Error 43

A limitation of broadcasting prevents the user from watching this channel in the wrong country.

How to fix:

This cannot be fixed unless the user opens an account from an address in the country for which the channel is intended. If your account is in the correct country for your channel, you can call the Multichoice number at 012 422 2222 to reset.

Error 05

The smartcard is not inserted correctly or faulty.

How to fix:

To fix this problem, remove the smartcard and clean it with a dry soft cloth then reinsert it into your DSTV correctly. If this problem persists, you may need to take your decoder to the nearest Multichoice Centre to exchange the smartcard or to reset.

If you do not have time to visit a centre, you can call a local DSTV installer to come to your home and replace your decoder.

Error 48-32

There is no signal because of bad weather or a problem with the installation of your satellite dish.

How to fix:

If the problem still persists and the signal is still missing after the storm has passed, make sure to call one of our local DSTV installers to check your connections, cables, and the alignment of your LNB and satellite dish.

Error 42-32

The Pin on the Parental feature has been blocked.

How to fix:

To reset your pin, call the Mulitchoice number at 012 422 2222.

Error 38

The Program map on your DSTV is not available.

How to fix:

To fix the problem, you can call one of our local DSTV installers to repair your signal dish problem.

Error 144

Your DSTV Xtraview is paired on the wrong home network.

How to fix:

Call the Multichoice number to fix the issue and reset.

Error 44

The channel is Parental Guidance blocked or has no TV guide data or event information available.

How to fix:

Make sure to check the PG Block restriction levels on your DSTV, or check if the data on the TV guide is available. If that doesn’t work, you can also check if the Pin is blocked.

Error 102

The PVR function on your DSTV has not been loaded to your account.

How to fix:

Call the Multichoice number at 012 422 2222 to fix the issue.

Error 55-4

The products found on your smartcard have already expired, and the symptom is a loss of Video and Audio.

How to fix:

To fix the issue, you can reset your DSTV decoder by switching it on and off at the main menu.

Error 37

The channel that you have selected on the remote control does not exist.

How to fix:

Re-enter the number of the channel you want on your DSTV, or check for the channel number on your DSTV guide, if you find the channel that you are looking for select it from the channels list.


Error 120-4

The code date on your smartcard does not match the date of broadcast on the channel.

How to fix:

To fix this, you can exchange the DSTV smartcard at the Multichoice centre.

Error 133-4

The smartcard timestamp is not synchronized with the channel that is playing.

How to fix:

To fix the smartcard, you can contact the Multichoice centre. If the smartcard is not the problem, you can also call one of our local DSTV installers to check the signal and fix the issue.

Error 132

The smartcard number is not authorized to playback or retrieve data from the DSTV decoder’s hard drive.

How to fix:

Get in contact with the local DSTV installers to have your DSTV decoder checked and the hard drive reformatted.

Error Be 1

The DSTV Flash memory is corrupted.

How to fix:

Get in contact with one of our local DST installers to send someone out to check your DSTV Decoder.

Error 8118

The DSTV internal decoder supply is faulty

How to fix:

Replace the decoder.


Error Red LED

The decoder is on standby mode

How to fix:

Switch the decoder on by pressing on the power button on the remote control.

Red & Green LED

This could be any error, but it is usually due to no signal.

How to fix:

Reset your decoder by disconnecting and reconnecting the main power supply. If this does not fix the problem, call one of our local DSTV installers to send a technician to check installation of your satellite dish

Error 101-29

There is no PVR product added to your DSTV smart card.

How to fix:

If the problem does not fix itself, you can call the Multichoice number to give you a special command to fix it.

How To Pay Your DStv Account With Your Capitec App On Your Mobile Phone

How to Pay Your DStv Account With Your Capitec App On Your Mobile Phone

How To Check Your DStv Account Balance On Your Mobile Phone

How To Check Your DStv Account Balance On Your Mobile Phone

It is easy to check your Dstv account balance on your mobile phone.

Step 1: dial *120*68584#

How To Check Your DStv Account Balance On Your Mobile Phone Image 1

Step 2:  Select option 1

How To Check Your DStv Account Balance On Your Mobile Phone Image 2

Your DStv account balance will appear on the screen.

How To Check Your DStv Account Balance On Your Mobile Phone Image 3

This method use USSD technology.

DStv Explora tips & tricks_

DStv Explora tips & tricks

Change the way you watch television with DStv Explora!

Your shows are ready when you are. Access DStv Catch Up with more than 200 hours of content. Use the Series Stacking setting to watch multiple episodes of your favourite show. DStv Catch Up Plus has hundreds of extra titles available for download. Look out for the series box sets to download.

Rent the latest blockbusters with Box Office from the comfort of your couch.
Up to 20 titles added each day. Your first rental is for free.

DSTv Tips- DStv Explora tips & tricks_

Never miss a moment. Watch one channel while recording another.You can record up to 220 hours of programming. Record your favourite series automatically and find out when it’s on again.

Your entertainment sorted with easy-to-use menus and categorised playlists.
Make it your own with personalised features – your favourite channels grouped for your convenience.

Less surfing, more exploring! Use the advanced search function to find your favourite series. Type in a search word or part of the word for matching shows to pop up. Specify where and when you want to watch it. Or select the theme and PG rating.

The home of all things DStv. Use DStv Central to easily browse through content. Access sports updates, news, plus local and international weather. And use the dedicated search button to easily access content.

All the power in the palm of your hands!
You can pause live TV for up to 2 hours, and use instant replay or slow motion.

DSTV Catchup Tips

You can watch 2 different channels on separate televisions with XtraView. The Explora offers high definition (HD) viewing with up to 5 times more picture detail and brilliant colour quality. It also supports Dolby Digital sound.

For more information visit www.dstv.com/explora

DSTV Self Service- Choose Debit Order_

Choose Debit Order

We know you have loads to do on your to-do list and paying for your DSTV should be the last thing to do.  Luckily, paying your DStv account doesn’t have to be one of them with debit order.

SMS debit to 37171

That’s if you set up a debit order. Simply SMS debit to 37171 and we’ll call you back to get you started.
(SMS costs R1 in South Africa)

Visit DSTv.com

You can also easily activate it via your credit card account.
Visit dstv.com and click on My DStv for more info.

Cut the queues and avoid re-connection fees.
Do quick. Do easy. Do reliable. Do it the debit order way.
And consider it done with DStv!

Get DStv Now on your Apple TV

DStv Now is the internet-based service of the popular subscription service. You can watch all your favourite content – from live TV and sports, to series and shows, plus Catch Up – on your preferred internet-enabled device.

Beside smartphones and tablets, you can now access the app on Apple TV. The app was launched in 2014, with the initial focus on being a mobile-first product. But it grew in popularity so quickly, that DStv decided to expand the access options. A big appeal of the app is watching DStv without the need of a decoder.

DStv Now is free to all DStv customers. The content you can watch online is linked to your DStv package. You can watch different shows in the same house, without fighting over the remote. One account can be linked to the main decoder in your lounge, and simultaneously give you access to a movie on your tablet in the bedroom. You can link as many devices as you want. A bonus feature of this, is offering your kids access to your DStv subscription away from home.

DStv Now is an over-the-top (OTT) internet video streaming service. It works best with a good high-speed internet connection, ideally uncapped.

How to Connect Your Apple TV with DStv Now

Download the app from the Apple App store. Open the DStv Now App on your Apple TV.

Download the app here

A pin will be placed on your TV. Access your MacBook, iPad or iPhone and go to now.dstv.com/tv to link your Apple TV. Register to watch the best in DStv entertainment. Verify your phone number to complete registration.

An OTP will be sent to your iPhone. Enter the One Time Pin sent to your phone. Enter your personal information and click Finish. Enter the Pin displayed on your TV.

Your Apple TV is now linked to DStv Now! Go back to your TV and start watching your favourite shows.

DStv Self Service - Download Account Statements

View your DStv account statements – It’s easy with DStv Self Service

Stay in control of your account with the easy to use DStv self-service website.

To check your DStv account statement:

Sep 1- Log in to DStv Self Service

Step 2- Click on Self Service on the top menu.

How To View and Download Your DSTV Account Statement - DStv Self Service

Step 3- Click on “My Statements” in the drop down menu

How To View and Download Your DSTV Account Statement - DStv Self Service Image 2

Step 4- Then click on the month you want the statement for and it will be downloaded onto your computer/

You will be able to view it with a pdf viewer on your computer.

Or follow this direct link.

DStv Video:

Best Series on Netflix South Africa

Netflix has been active in South Africa since 2016. And it’s becoming more popular by the minute! People are realising how handy the live streaming service is. You can easily access your favourite series and movies with just a good internet connection and laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The selection of shows continually change, bringing you fresh content almost every day. There are a few shows that are firm favourites and that will stick around for quite a while. To see what’s new, click on the Recently Added menu. Another fun feature of the subscription service, is that it will suggest shows you might like, based on the ones you’ve previously watched.

Top 5 Best Series on Netflix

Some series are timeless, they aired years ago but they still have a loyal following. Then there’s new shows that have the potential to become timeless. Here’s a few that we think you should watch.

#1 Friends

1994–2004 | Seasons 1 to 10 available

Follow the lives of six 20 to 30-something friends living in New York, Manhattan. The show follows their personal and professional lives, through all the ups and downs that life throws at them.

To quote Monica “Welcome to the real world. It sucks, you’re gonna love it”

#2 Suits

2011 till present | Seasons 1 to 6 available

Mike Ross is a brilliant college dropout. His life takes an interesting twist after a drug deal gone bad. Without any legal credentials he manages to secure a job with Harvey Specter, one of the best lawyers in New York City. Mike impresses the big shot lawyer with his razor-sharp mind and goes from college dropout to associate lawyer.

#3 Brooklyn Nine-Nine

2013 till present | Season 1 to 4 available

Jake Peralta is a talented N.Y.P.D. detective, but he is a little immature. Working at Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct he must learn how to be a team player who follows the rules when a new captain comes on board. Captain Ray Holt is serious and stern, and Jake’s streak of immaturity oftentimes causes conflict with the new commanding officer

#4 Insatiable

2018 to present | Season 1 available

A Netflix original. Patty is a bullied teenager who chooses an interesting revenge method. Beauty pageants. She seeks help from Bob, a civil lawyer-turned-beauty pageant coach.

The vengeful teenager and disgraced, dissatisfied coach make an odd team. Soon Bob realises he is in way over his head with his quirky new client. He has no idea what he is about to unleash on the world…

#5 Gossip Girl

2007-2012 | Seasons 1 to 6 available

Another oldie but goodie. It offers a glimpse into the lives of a group of hyperprivileged teens, who call the Upper East Side of New York home. The Manhattan private-school kids seem untouchable, able to get away with everything. But an anonymous blogger is keeping an eye on them, watching every little move they make.

The ruthless blogger is on a mission. And no stone goes unturned to expose the secrets they try to hide so carefully.

Interesting Facts About Netflix

The streaming subscription service idea dates back to 1997. The Netflix CEO was charged a $40 fine for returning his VHS copy of Apollo 13 late.

What you need to know about the Mighty Netflix.

  • Netflix is older than Google, established in 1997. And Google started in 1998.
  • Blockbuster could have bought Netflix for $50 million in 2000. The now almost-extinct video rental company wasn’t interested. Today, Netflix is worth $20 billion.
  • The total yearly revenue is estimated at roughly $6 billion.
  • Currently you can subscribe to Netflix in close to 50 countries.
  • Worldwide the series Breaking Bad is the most watched Netflix show
DSTV Self Service-How to activate DStv for your holiday home & your home via EFT or Credit Card_

How to activate DStv for your holiday home & your home via EFT or Credit Card


Are you travelling to your holiday home and want to take your DStv decoder with? There are a few options you can consider to do this. Use the self-service platforms for instructions. Or follow the steps below

  • Step 1- Dial *120*68584#
  • Step 2- Twitter: @DStvSelfService (can send a direct message)
  • Step 3- Facebook: @DStvSelfService (send a message via Facebook Messenger)

Visit the DStv Self Service website to remove your decoder from the XtraView set-up. This is a great option if you have more than one decoder.

If you are a Price Lock customer you can choose from the following options.

Option 1:

Switch off the main home decoder and switch on the holiday home decoder. This will be a like-for-like switch, keeping you on the same DStv package.

Option 2:

Activate both your main and holiday home. This option is available via the DStv Self Service website. You must indicate which decoder will be your holiday home decoder on the My DStv function.

Make sure your holiday home has the right installation for the Catch Up and BoxOffice functions to work. You can also use DStv Now to stream live channels, and stream or download DStv Catch Up content to your tablet or smartphone. The app is free to download on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and is available to all DStv customers, with live streaming channels and Catch Up content linked to the specific package of the customer.